Sep 24

My first post-chemo day

Yesterday was the last chemo. I have some weeks til radiation starts, and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to go to work at least one, maybe two days a week during this time. Not one to waste time debating, and due to a scheduling fluke where super manager Dee was off today, I went to work for two hours today. Two whole hours. During which I blew up balloons without being able to feel my fingers, posted a tee shirt order and realized that my brain is completely chemo-fried and I don’t know how to do the most basic things anymore. Oh, and I got free soup! Because if you miss work for six months because you have cancer, the lovely Korean lady who makes Chinese wonton soup will give you free soup on your first day back!

But when my two hours were up, I was exhausted. How is it that I walked sixty kilometres but could barely stand for two hours? So I went home and sat on the couch and watched The Social. And was humbled and somewhat kicked in the ass by the inspirational story of Sindy Hooper, who completed an ironman WHILE in chemo for pancreatic cancer! http://t.co/ryDtTUTun1

I took me three tries to get the labels loaded right in the printer and she did an ironman! I’m still unsure of how quickly I can be counted on at the store. I can for sure pop-in, but I’m not sure I can be reliable. In the other hand, if she can train for a triathlon, I should be able to go wrap a few gifts!