Mar 29

2 week update

it’s been 2 weeks since my double mastectomy.

Things I CAN do:

  • brush my own hair with my right hand
  • tie it loosely but crap-ily!
  • get dressed on my own, as long as the tank top is VERY stretchy
  • walk outside (1.1 km today)
  • drive – ok, i just did this today, it hurt and i don’t think i would go very far, but i can
  • warm up my meals in the microwave on my own

Things I CANNOT do:

  • wash my hair without help (left arm doesn’t go up)
  • lift anything heavier than a coffee mug, especially on my left side (for example, I need both arms to carry my laptop one room over)
  • chop, mix, cook, be useful in meal preparation in any way
  • look at myself in the mirror…. I gotta work on that one. really.