Mar 31

Blind Showering

I have a giant mirror in my bathroom. But given that I have not gotten over my mental block yet, taking a shower has become a bit of a complicated thing. Why am I even writing about this? Because it’s sort of funny, and because some day, someone is going to google ‘showering after a mastectomy’ or ‘showering without looking at mastectomy scars’ and BAM! here it is.

Basically, it comes down to keeping myself covered or my eyes closed. Take tank top ** off IN the shower, shower with eyes closed, wrap in towel BEFORE coming out, put on new clean tanktop. Et Voila! Clean and not one glimpse. I guess the other option would be to shower at 2 in the morning with the lights off!

(**Sidebar: everyone tells you to buy loose or stretchy tank tops because they are easy to put on. That is the single BEST piece of mastectomy advice that I got. The best ones are the super stretchy ones with little spagetthi straps – you can put them on from the bottom (over your legs) so they are easier to put on yourself. and the little straps are very stretchy to bring over your shoulders. if you buy normal regular tank tops, buy them one size bigger, the stretchier, the better)