Apr 02

Alien Abduction

You know those people who say they’ve been abducted by aliens and ‘probed’? Well, I sort of feel like that with my body these days. 

I was already feeling very at odds with my new body, the pulling all over, the pain under my arm and down my side, the scars. I had mentally prepared myself this morning for fluid aspiration with a syringe, which is sometimes done when you have pockets of fluid under the skin. Instead, Dr. D, who has no time to waste, assured me I am doing very well, better than most (wow, I feel bad for most people!). I told him about the swelling and he said ‘Great! your tissue is already stretching for that, so let’s use this opportunity’ and instead of REMOVING fluid, he INJECTED 50 ccs on each side!!!! It didn’t hurt at all, though you can feel the pressure in your chest as the expanders fill up. A few hours later though, it did start to hurt in the front, in between, I guess from the skin being pulled.

I didn’t think I could feel more foreign in my own body that I already did, but it turns out I was wrong.