Apr 05

the proverbial 2 steps back

I thought I was feeling great. It turns out I was very bored and am an overachiever. I have been doing too much. By which I mean driving tiny short distances that NJ could run in under 10 min and going to lunch with a friend. I know. Talk about OVER doing it. But I did. And now, I am more tired today that I was on the day I got out of the hospital, which I did not think was possible.

Lesson learned. I will now return to the blue chair, which is now become one with my rear, watch more movies, embroider until my finger falls off and possibly gain another 10 pounds from sitting around and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. 

It is a *BIG* surgery. I get it. But honestly, I was feeling full of beans a couple days ago. I guess I overestimated my abilities to bounce back.