Apr 15

Insert Nap Here

According to the calendar, it’s been one month since my surgery. All in all, I feel much better. My right arm is pretty much back to normal, though all previous muscle definition is gone. My left arm is coming along. I have roughly 3/4 range of motion but absolutely zero strength and a weird tingly-numbness to the under arm. This makes knitting not quite possible. I could knit one or two rows and stop. But that is more maddening to me than not knitting at all.

The hardest thing for me overall is how exhausted I am. I am able to do one thing per day, but it must be book-ended by a pre and post-activity nap. So my day is wake-up, walk NJ to school, nap, do something, nap, dinner, put kids to bed, put myself to bed. I have never slept this much in my entire adult life.

Worst, is that when I am awake, my brain is functioning at reduced capacity. No multi-tasking allowed. It is one thing at a time, and don’t interrupt me, because I will completely forget what I was doing!

All right, well I just used up my allotted mental abilities for today, back to napping!