Apr 19

we have a plan, part 1

yesterday morning I was a complete and utter mess. Not having any appointments was very worrisome. But I gave the people in charge enough time to work on it and by mid afternoon I had an appointment scheduled for Monday with the Oncologist that I wanted to have, Dr. C. (pretty funny as the surgical onco is Dr. B and the plastic surgeon is Dr. D…. wonder if I’ll have a Dr. A!)

I will need a bunch of tests, but the researcher for the Herceptin trial told me they won’t hold off starting chemo and I can start and get most of the tests after. I did have to go for an echocardiogram today because Herceptin can cause heart problems. Small problem though: they could not get the left side of my heart because of the expanders. But the tech feels she got good enough pics on the right side to have what they need and it won’t be a problem.

Now I can try to put it out of my mind for the weekend and Monday, the ass-kicking can begin in earnest. In the mean time, i am in full auction mode, taking pictures and measuring things for the descriptions