Sep 28

Like ‘Make-a-wish’, but with wine

2 days ago, M. picked me up and we headed west, to Toronto. As a post-chemo treat, we got to go the live taping of The Social, a talk show featuring none other than my blogging idol Lainey. I’ve met Lainey before and she’s been keeping an eye on how I’m doing, so I used this little break in treatment to get out of town, go hang out with a couple of girlfriends, have dinner with one Toronto friend, stay in a nice suite and drink a lot of wine. Young kids with cancer get to meet hockey players or go to Disney. This was MY make-a-wish!

L. drove in and came to meet us. As she posted on FB ‘About to meet a stranger in a hotel room, don’t tell my parents!’. We had such a good time. We laughed and talked and did our hair… ok, THEY did their hair, I just watched! 3 gals, one bathroom, and somehow, we made it work!

I got to be on TV, again. It wasn’t planned, I didn’t know til we got there, when Lainey said ‘oh btw I’m going to shout-out to you at the top of the show’…. ummmmm ok then. Glad I put on some lipstick and spanx! 

Other memorable moments include the crazy lady in the elevator who asked us if we got Jimmy Kimmel Live in Canada because her husband was going to be on it that night. And the room-service lady who was fascinated that we were going to be on tv and tried to convince us to get deep-fried cheesecake to go with our deep-fried pickles. The poor housekeeping man who had to come at midnight to put sheets on the hide-a-bed because it didn’t occur to one of us to check the couch for sheets any earlier.

And finally, something M and I learned in the 7+ hours we were in the car together on the way home, getting stuck in a highway shut-down that forced us to crawl for 3 hours and sleep in Brockville:

  • It does not matter which lane you are in, how many times you weave in and out. In the end, that one yellow car you started out next to in Ajax is still going to be right next to you 4 hours later.