Apr 23

Wine VS Chemo

so I got some not-very-good-news today about this little Cancer-situation…. turns out it’s worst-badder than they thought. I’ll spare you the 2-tumor measurements, but instead, let me tell you about the research protocol questionnaire… ACTUAL real questions:

Q: Have you smoked more than 100 cigarettes in your life?

A: NO. skip entire page, move on to next question.

Q: Have you had more than 100 drinks in your life?

A: hello, I’m 42 and a University graduate. hell yeah!

Q: Have you had more than 100 drinks this year?

A: well, it’s April, and I have cancer, so again… .hell yeah!

Q: Have you had more than 12 drinks this month?

A: It’s past the 15th of the month, so hell-to-the-yeah!

Q: how many drinks have you had this week?

A: Define THIS week? I mean, it’s Monday, so NO! but if you mean the-last-7-day period, then probably yes… dude, I have CANCER!!!!¬†

So this is what I have to say: if you are going to take my wine away, you had better replace it with a medical-marihuana card and instructions how to inhale. because I never did get the hang of that. See answer about smoking less than 100 cigarettes.