Oct 01

These Are the Days In Between

Alternative Title: 30 minutes or it’s free.

Today was my first non-chemo Monday. Except it turned out to be a lot like a chemo Monday.

8 am blood draw. *Insert 45 min for a urologist*. Still have kidney stone, nothing to be done, wait to pass it. Usual 40 min for oncologist. WBC stable, not up or down. Which means STILL no sushi. Go up to pharmacy and wait for Herceptin bag to be prepared. That infusion should be 30 min. Except for the all the waiting. Waiting for the doctor. Waiting for the bag. Waiting for a chair. Waiting for a nurse. Waiting for the 30 min. Then waiting for someone to be available to flush and unhook my port. Next thing you know, it’s 2:15 pm. 

I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I really am not. I am simply explaining why I am not doing cartwheels that chemo is over. Why I don’t have the huge smile on my face everyone seems to want me to have. Sure, no chemo flowed through my veins today, I will not be peeing 100 times tonight and I will not spend the next 2 days living in my bathroom while my intestines revolt against Taxol. So I am VERY VERY HAPPY about that. I really am. I just can’t do the Unicorn/Rainbow/Puppy Dance quite yet.

And for the record, no, I still don’t know when radiation starts. I did hear that it *looks* like late October, which would have me done by early December. But I have no scan date. And without a scan date, I got nothing. Please don’t ask me about the scan date. I might have to punch you. Also, please refrain from saying anything in the vein of ‘You must be SO happy chemo is over!’. I might have to punch you too. I’m feeling punchy. Fair warning.

PS: bonus points for knowing what I got the title from

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  1. Karyn

    I figured out where the title came from despite my butchering of the words in the search engine. I’ll have to check it out. Notice I am not giving the answer away.

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