Apr 29

Radio-active fun

Today was the much awaited PET scan. It was just like on House, with the nurse and radiologist in another room behind glass. Except on House they never showed you the part where you have to come early and they inject you with radioactive material and then you have to wait almost an hour while the stuff makes its way into your body. Under a heated blanket, because if you get cold, your fatty tissue will warm you up and obscure the pictures. The nurse was very sweet and quite chatty, she explained lots and lots of things to me. While she stabbed me 3 times trying to find a good vein. They can only use my right arm, so it limits the number of spots….

In theory, this is the last bit of waiting. Once the results come in tomorrow or Wednesday, we should FINALLY have the full picture. I won’t lie, I’m scared. I don’t want to hear that there is cancer anywhere else. Nobody would want that, clearly. For once, I want good news. So fingers and toes crossed