May 10

The Days in Between

<bonus points if you get that title reference>

One week since chemo #1. I was nauseous for 3 days, not too bad though. Frankly the dizziness and loopy-ness from the anti-nausea meds was worst, so I might try to skip the meds next time. Today was my last  neupogen shot (white-cell booster). Next week, I should be more tired. So this is the in-between. I’m fine. I’m a little tired. I definitely get tired very quickly. Like I am fine one minute and then bam, hello, I need to lie down and I end up napping for 2 hours. Most days though, I have 1, maybe 2 good things I can get done. Everyday, one of those things has been working on the auction. The other, I try to make a little fun: going for ice cream with NJ, arts and crafts with SQ, today I went out for lunch with my long-suffering assistant/manager/collegue/bff Dee on the 8th anniversary of her days at the store.

If it stays like this, it’s totally manageable. It’s just probably NOT going to stay like this.