Dec 31

Dear 2017:

People start the new year with resolutions, I want to start mind with wishes.

Not even goals, I’m not ready to set goals yet. Wishes, simple, not grand, just simple. In 2017:

  • I hope to go to less than 8 funerals
  • I hope to go to more birthday or dinner parties than funerals (see above)
  • More laughter. More smiles. More silliness. For me and for the girls.
  • Once a week, do something for ME. (and hopefully not feel mom-guilt while doing it)
  • Dare I hope: run another Ragnar, and make it to the finish line this time!
  • Less screens, more books.
  • A tiny mini little vacation. Won’t be far or long, but SOMEWHERE!


I kept it simple, realistic, but more of all, positive and forward-looking. Because 2016, I refuse to look back at you. I don’t need any reminders, you are seared on my soul forever. So it’s time for you to go now.

Dear 2017,I have wished for a better year many times over the years, I have never meant it as much as I do this year. Please be kind, I’m hanging a lot of hope on you!