Jul 16

Saying yes to new things

In the last week, I have taken a Car2go 3 times to get downtown – I don’t have to pay for parking, it’s cheaper than a cab and I can take an Uber back if I can’t get a ride home.

I also invited an old work-acquaintance to lunch. (venice, it was Delish!)

And I had not one but 2 dinners with girlfriends.

And today, on a hot and muggy saturday, while I was already going to the farmer’s market to pick up lunch for tomorrow, because I am going to MEDITATE in a lavender field, I agreed to have coffee with a guy……

it was NOT a date. it was 3:30 coffee in a busy market.


I’m trying people. I’m opening myself up to new experiences (seriously, Meditation in a lavender field!!!) And I am letting it be known that I will have coffee, or other beverages, with members of the opposite sex. So if you happen to know a bearded-tattooed single, 40+ guy with low expectations…..