Feb 25

holy shit where have the last 6 years gone?

this picture popped up in my FB memories today….

6 years ago, we got the keys to our dream house, and my mother was dying, so we brought a folding table and folding chairs and we ordered food and had dinner in the vaulted-ceiling dining room. And then she moved out of her house and into palliative care.

then my BFF had a baby and lost her husband, in the same month. And there were 2 (yes TWO!!!) lung transplants. oh and that tiny little case of a stage I breast cancer that turned into a stage 3A, the bad kind.

My babies were 4 and 6 in that picture. They had NO CLUE what live had in store for them.

Tulips are still my favorite flowers, but we are on a cash-only-budget now, so there are no flowers for anyone any time soon.

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  1. Debbie in the UK

    Oh God, that is so poignant my friend.

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