Feb 04

Maybe the Bureaucrats read my blog

Called the Civil Affairs office back this morning, nice lady on the phone confirmed that the problem is that the SP3 form filled out by the doctor states the date of death as January 1. I assured her that he died on the 3rd. I told her she could become my friend on FB if she wanted to check. Then I told her I found it highly ironic that it was THAT particular form that was wrong, seeing as the doctor didn’t sign it until 9 am on the 3rd. I know this because 2 of J’s friends spent the night sitting with him at the hospital as he could not be released to the funeral home without an SP3 and there was no authorized doctor to sign one after midnight.

I could tell she felt bad. She said she had called the hospital several times and they hadn’t called her back. I told her I was on my way to therapy, but afterwards, I would make the trip to the hospital and go yell   speak to someone in Archives myself. She said that was a great idea.

Not even 30 min later, she called me back. She reached someone in archives, they already put a corrected version… in the mail! She explained to them that this was not good enough and they needed to FAX it to her immediately. Is it 2016? do we not have the ability to send pixels through the internet???

Anyhow, I didn’t have to call the newspaper, I didn’t have to make the sad widow face on TV, apparently I will receive a corrected death certificate on Monday or Tuesday. Because now that she can print them, she has to mail them to me….


  1. Melissa

    Seriously? Mail? Wow. Glad it’s fixed finally though.

  2. Anna in Turin

    Oh J+++ and you live in Montreal ! These things only happen in Italy…and here…they don’t even snail mail it to you…you have to PICK IT UP IN PERSON BUT ONLY at the SPECIFIC TIMES they are open…which of course for people with jobs means right smack in the middle of the day….I would be yelling all over the place by now….

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