May 23

I might need to go DYI on this one

I need a port-o-cath. It’s a long-term IV they implant in your chest, so that you can get all your chemo meds and give the NUMEROUS blood samples without getting pricked. In theory, it should be easy to get. In practice, apparently, not so much.

It is put in by a radiologist. And ‘The Guy’ that does it at the JGH is booked solid til end of June. Nurse Gladys, who is an angel, is calling them and bugging them each day. But she is getting nowhere.

The problem is, I can only get IVs in my right arm, because they took the lymph nodes on the left and I can no longer have any interventions, including blood draws, on the left arm. Which leaves the 1 good vein in my elbow on the right (no chemo in top of hand apparently, also, my veins, not so good there). Every 14 days is doable, although they have had problems getting the IV in, both weeks, especially since you start your day by giving VIALS of blood, so by the time the chemo nurse has to get your IV in, it’s already Bruise City.

If I needed a PICC line, I would be golden. I actually know someone who used to do them (the CF nurse) and back in the day when J used to get them regularly, I was always there and joked that I could probably do it myself (not really). But Port-o-caths are more serious, you have to be asleep and well, there are no appointments. So we wait. And it looks likely I will not get it before next Friday for treatment 3. 

Good thing my giant-ass tattoo on the right arm goes nicely with the blue and green shades all over the IV marks!