Feb 01

Dear Bureaucrat, did you forget about me?

In the Jewish tradition, 30 days after someone’s death is Shloshim where some of the mourning restrictions are lifted. I will be getting a haircut tomorrow.

In the meantime, in the eyes of our dear bureaucrats, I am still in limbo: I have not received a corrected version of the death certificate. Both the notary and myself called and were told that even though we paid for accelerated service and the mistake was theirs, the file still has not been reviewed. The lady I spoke to this morning seemed to indicate that maybe the doctor put the wrong date on the hospital paperwork. Which would not surprise me. But if that department needs to chase down the hospital to check this information, lord knows when I will get the death certificate. Which means I can’t do anything. Can’t do a will search, can’t start the estate stuff, nothing.

This is excruciating. How am I supposed to pick up the pieces and start moving forward when I can’t even press the start button?

Frustration level: expensive wine needed.


  1. Anna in Turin

    You don’t need shit like this….really, wtf??

  2. Auburn

    I’m so sorry to hear about your terrible loss. I haven’t read regularly in many years but for some reason thought of you today and wanted to check in. Wishing you and your daughters comfort and peace.

  3. Sandra

    Jeesh, doesn’t anything work any more? Hope the haircut perks up your spirits. Failing that, there’s wine……

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