Jan 24

I am NOT good at everything

Every couple somehow shares household duties. In our house, a lot of stuff fell on my shoulders because I was the handy one and the creative one. J on the other hand was extra organized, so he took care of ALL the paperwork. This worked for us both at home and at the store. I could created a window display with nothing but the content of the recycling bin from the drug store down the street (TRUE STORY!) and he made sure that the accountant had an organized folder come tax time.

During his year in the hospital, this didn’t change. Once a week, I brought him the mail. He would open and sort it, pay whatever needed to be paid online or write out a cheque and I just had to mail it. Even that proved to be hard for me sometimes…. things sat on the front seat of my car until he would remind me ‘hey, did you mail that in?’.

Once he got into the ICU and bringing things in and out was no longer an option, he still somehow managed to send me reminders.

Here is the thing: I SUCK AT PAPERWORK. We have piles and piles of stuff in boxes for the last year, all waiting to be organized into folders. I know I need to gather important documents to bring to the lawyers and I am completely paralysed. I don’t know where to start. It’s so stupid, it’s just papers and they just need to be put into folders. But honestly, I would rather fold them all into a thousand origami cranes or use them to create a wallpaper mosaic than actually sort and file them.

I wonder if the accountant and lawyers would prefer the origami or the wallpaper?

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  1. Susan

    Great post! I could just imagine the accountants looking at the cranes and / or wallpaper and thinking that you may be nuts! I can most certainly help you with your paperwork organization if you’d like. In exchange for some knitting tips. Just say when.

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