May 24

When you wish upon a blog

Dreams do come true! Port-o-cath scheduled for Monday at 11 am, at a different hospital. Someone read my blog, and spoke to someone, who spoke to someone else. An email was exchanged last night about the possibility of doing this at a different hospital if I wanted to and if I could get the paperwork transferred. Before I even had a chance to call Nurse G to check, the Dr. himself called me at home at 8 am to say he had an opening on Monday morning.

Left Nurse G a message and sent her an email, hoping I wasn’t going to offend anyone by asking to go outside the otherwise totally fabulous JGH (really, they are awesome, just very booked). Then I went to Super Walmart with Jenn because she was unaware of the kosher-awesomeness to be found there. Somewhere between the spicy guacamole and the Special K crackers, Nurse G emailed me back. She was a little surprised, as she was still trying VERY HARD to get one in for next Friday, the same day as the chemo. Frankly, I would rather not have 2 procedures in one day. Plus she couldn’t promise. She agreed to fax my papers.

Right after lunch, the Dr. called me back himself: I’m good to go for Monday, and given that Nurse G knows her stuff and thought to send my most recent blood results, I don’t need to go for a blood test first and wait an hour before given the go-ahead, it’s all scheduled. I just need to find myself a Port-o-cath Buddy!