Jan 19

Dear Pencil-Pusher: You suck at your job

When someone dies where I live, nothing can happen until an official death certificate is received in the mail, 5-10 business days after the form is submitted by the funeral home.

On Friday, 5 very expensive copies of said death certificate arrived in the mail. I knew they were coming, but I have to admit I was not ready for the reaction I had holding said documents in my hands…. So I saw his name, clearly it came to the right address and his date of birth was right. So I stopped reading. I put one in my purse so I could cross the border with the girls (we had to go retrieve packages shipped for him at the mail forwarding place) and I stuck the other copies in my nightstand, knowing that on Monday we would officially begin the paperwork of dealing with the will, the estate etc.

Monday morning, I drove downtown, paid for parking and dropped off said death certificate. Then I popped into H&M to buy a tunic because honestly, all this death-stuff is wearing me down.

When the lawyer called at 4, I thought she was calling me to give me an appointment to come in to start settling things. Instead, she informed me that the fucking useless pencil pusher in Quebec City put the WRONG DATE OF DEATH on the death-certificate. (She did double check and the form from the funeral home was properly filled out)

Yes, that is right. The WRONG date. Rendering the documents nul and void. Documents that I paid 60$ per copy for. Oh but don’t worry, they will reissue new ones, she said.

AFTER you return the ones you got. And still in 5-10 business days. At least they won’t charge me.

Dear government-pension pencil-pusher, you had ONE job. and you SUCK at it.

Limbo continues. We can’t start working on anything.


  1. Liz

    I feel your pain. I so, so feel your pain. Someday I will tell you the story of my sort of step-FIL’s death and estate, but not today. Suffice it to say, I feel your pain. It sucks.

  2. Julie

    I’m so sorry! Strangely enough, this also happened to us – and just to make things more fun, the death certificate was from Turks & Caicos! I hope this gets settled quickly! So much paperwork! BTW, don’t forget to apply for survivors’ pensions for you and the girls. Lots of hugs!

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