Monthly Archive: June 2016

Jun 27

it’s coming, no matter what I do

It’s coming. it will be 6 months next week. Just about the same time the kids leave for 6 weeks of summer camp. And then, I will be forced to deal with it. To deal with my grief and feelings, which I have conveniently packed away to deal with the day-to-day of widowhood, the kids’ …

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Jun 05

Omar the Gardener

During¬†dinner tonight, the doorbell rang. Weird, it’s Sunday at 6:35. Kids look and say it’s a man with a kid. Oh, Omar rthe Gardener is here! 3 houses ago, we got stuck in a turf-war over snow removal and grass cutting in Hampstead. Don’t laugh. This was serious business and we chose to break the …

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Jun 02

the non-milestone

5 months. There is no card for ‘your husband/dad died 5 months ago’ 5 months is not a thing. It’s not a milestone number like 6 months or a year or 5 or ¬†10 years. It’s just 5 months. Except this 5 month anniversary comes on the heels of so many end-of-school-year things: a Glee …

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