Monthly Archive: May 2016

May 26

Requiem for a Guinea Pig

I was going to write this long post about how Eldest fell off her bike after I FORCED her to put her screen down and go play outside. And then she broke her arm. So we had our weekly family-dinner (used to be daily, now it’s weekly) in the triage waiting room of the ER. …

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May 19

‘I thought you were too buzy’

I just got home from diving with Youngest. I rushed to spend time with Oldest, who is off for a loooooong 4 day weekend. Conversation goes: Me: Tell me 3 things about today Her: I had chicken for lunch, I am texting all the people in my class to see if anyone can hang out …

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May 13


What Would J Do J my dead husband…. Sorry, don’t really give much of a crap about Jesus’ opinion….. I am facing a lot of *big* decisions. Hard stuff. Stuff that husbands and wives discuss. I have no one to discuss with. Instead I write down lists: pros and cons, all-the-options, long term vs short …

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May 10

The Luxury of Time

Nobody had enough time in a day, enough days in a week. I’m not special. Everyone wishes they had more time. Time for hobbies, for friends, to relax. Time for themselves. Time is the thing I miss the most. I’m coming to terms with out new financial situation. But my lack of time is an …

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May 09

Inspiring Women

about 6 weeks ago, I went to the funeral of a woman I only knew in passing. Her son is a friend and she sat in my row in synagogue at high holidays. Her eulogy shook me to the core. She was someone I wished I had known. Today, a dear friend eulogized her own …

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May 06

Before you randomly wish everyone with ovaries a Happy Mother’s Day

When I was a kid, mother’s day meant colored tissue paper rolled into little balls and glued to a paper plate. There were no store-bought cards. When we were a bit older, there was a fancy brunch at the rotating restaurant at the top of the hotel downtown, where we could see the entire city …

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May 02

3:30 musings

I posted this to my personal FB in the middle of the night, but I think I meant for it to also be a blog post…. Yesterday, we took a road trip and I did whatever I could do keep them both smiling, at the same time. ‘On this day’ last year was the mega …

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