Monthly Archive: April 2016

Apr 25

Superhero powers, activate

I haven’t shared my Instagram here, but it’s not like I was hiding it. However today it feels very appropriate. This is what I just posted: Wearing my armour for battle: vintage SuperHero necklace from @andreascher probably the first thing I ever bought online and then sold in my store @mortimersnodgrass – reminds me of …

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Apr 21

Matza and Tears

Tomorrow is the first night of Passover. I’m dreading it. We are all dreading it. For so many reasons. Passover is never an easy holiday – switching the kitchen, no flour for the kid who lives on nothing but white bread and plain pasta, no school for a week for the one who is bored …

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Apr 10

the downs after the ups

Last week, I got the best medicine of all – a 4-day visit by one of the people I hold dearest, who came here with her own daughter, ¬†with the sole purpose of spending time with us. Everyone had a great time. There was so much giggling and laughter in the house. It really hit …

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