Monthly Archive: March 2016

Mar 30

These are my truths

If there is one thing guaranteed to make people MORE uncomfortable than me showing my naked tattooed chest, it’s me talking about my current financial situation. But after spending a good 5 days humiliated, ashamed and embarrassed, I have decided that the only way to face this is head-on. These are my truths: I spend …

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Mar 23

Big Big Changes

On Monday, I went back to work. Part time, 3 days per week. In theory it should be ok. In practice, making it work, with the elite diving schedule and 2 elderly dogs at home, it’s like playing Tetris on crack. Here’s the thing: I wasn’t looking for work, I didn’t think I was ready. …

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Mar 09

Random Acts of Support

Yesterday, I shared this story on FB. I know exactly how that poor woman felt: when a complete stranger comes to your rescue and they don’t even know what an impact they had. When my mother was dying and I was trying to finish renovating our house, I broke down in the closet aisle of …

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Mar 01

We measure in inches and pixels

Each day, we try to do one little thing, a little something that moves us forward somehow. It’s a VERY strange situation to live with all of J’s things, but he never lived in this house, never even saw the inside, and yet, he is everywhere. Last week, Youngest was off school and she was …

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