Monthly Archive: April 2015

Apr 27

The Things People Say

I ran into a neighbour from down the street this morning and said something about what had been happening and she said ‘I know I read your blog!’ (hey neighbour!). Two things came out of this conversation: 1) I owe you and update and 2) some people say really weird things (not her!).   1) …

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Apr 11

I have run out of weather metaphors

Clouds. Storms. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Tsunamis. Forget it. We have now reached utter and complete Clusterfuckness.   Jay spent 62 days in the hospital. He came home, hoping to slowly recover from what was called both an aspergillus infection and a sever pneumonia. Within 2 weeks of being home, he was back on oxygen. It’s been …

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