Monthly Archive: August 2014

Aug 22

On Journeys and Clouds


I called this blog Outrunning the Cloud because I fancied myself a runner, but also, because I felt that for most of my adult life, there has been some sort of cloud over my head. I might have managed at times to get rid of one or the other, but somehow, another one always pops …

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Aug 12

NED & ME, Forever


I can only think of a few ways to permanently declare your love for someone or something: carve it into a tree, spray paint it on a rock on the side of the highway, or tattoo it on your body. 2 posts ago, I told you about my new friend NED. People keep asking me …

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Aug 01

It’s all relative. And sometimes, it’s a little bit related.

My kid got another IV of immuno-globulins today. She was at 11,000 this morning. Close enough to the magic treating number of 10,000. But because this keeps not getting better, we have to investigate further. And the next step is a bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday morning. A big needle in the back of her …

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