Monthly Archive: June 2014

Jun 26

An 11 y.o. Badass

My youngest, who is 8, almost 9, went back to the hospital today to check on her platelets. We were SHOCKED that they had dropped back to 27,000. No Bueno. She needed another IV of Immunoglobulins. Camp is up in the air. We’ll have to see if they go back up. So we spent the …

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Jun 19

Sometimes, there is cake


This week was really one of the hardest of my life, and that’s saying a lot, post dying-mother-lung-transplant-breast-cancer. Sick kid trumps everything. Tomorrow morning we go back and find out if the platelets kept rising. please, if you pray, do so. We need for this to have worked. This kid needs to go to camp …

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Jun 16

Fear factor

UPDATE: the IV worked, she kicked up to 44,000 this morning. still need more, but she’s ok. Diagnosis by process of elimination: ITP.   I thought I knew what fear was. I was pretty scared the first time my husband spend a week in the hospital and I was alone with my newly adopted second …

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Jun 10

Raise your glass


that’s it. I am done with cancer. Well, I am done with treatment. And tonight, for the first time, I actually said out loud to a bunch of strangers at a fundraiser that I did NOT have cancer anymore. I’m not going to say it’s behind me, it never will be, but I am hopeful …

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Jun 09

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

LAST HERCEPTIN. Last IV meds flowing through my veins. Still have 4.5 years of Tamoxifen ahead of me, Onco cannot find a good combo to get rid of the insane side effects and stopping is not an option. And I also need one last small intervention to take out my port. But tomorrow, 18 months …

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Jun 06

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job


Always good advice from Georges Thorogood. So since I’m looking for work, I went to the hairdresser yesterday and I let her cut my hair. I’m growing it, so I really really didn’t want to cut it. But I looked like an electrified poodle. So I got it shaped. Turns out I am no longer …

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Jun 04

The things that changed

Many of the changes that came from my experience with cancer are obvious: hair, boobs, scars, pills etc. Some of the changes are on the inside: I feel differently about people and things. One of the biggest changes has to do with my work. We closed our store at the end of April after 13 …

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