Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 25

Bid! Bid! Bid!

The auction has started! Click here to join in the fun! Please forgive the overuse of exclamation points, I know how you all feel about those…. I’m very proud to say that we have 225 different listings this year, that’s a good 20 more than last year. If you are visiting this blog for the …

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May 22

Auction F.A.Q – Foires aux Questions pour l’encan

When is the auction? The auction page is up already, just click here. The auction starts Sunday May 25th at 10 am and will end Thursday May 29th at 6pm What are you raising money for? Short answer: breast cancer research. Long Answer: We are a team of 10 ladies (my bad! 9 ladies and 1 …

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May 20

Keeping it exciting til the end

Today, I had my second to last Herceptin treatment… only one more to go. I know people who had to stop along the way because of the side effects. I had none. I was fine. Until today. Don’t ask me why, but today, it slayed me: nausea, wicked headache, all-over yuckiness and crazy muscle aches. …

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May 10

A Crafter’s analysis of a boob-job

Photo 5-10-2014, 8 53 13 AM

I just took my first really long shower after surgery. You know the one, with the 10 min deep conditioning and ‘I’m going somewhere fancy’ shaving job? While I was waiting for the conditioner to work it’s magic and shaving my armpits, I noticed a black dot high up on the side of my boob. …

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May 07

just like pulling off a bandaid

If this is your first visit here, after reading my post about my mother on Cure Diva, Welcome! I hope you enjoy my little corner of the interwebs. Maybe start with My Most Popular Posts or the Photo Gallery (topless pictures! you’ve been warned!) I went to see Dr. Movie Star today for my one-week check up. He took off …

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May 05

Pills and Pudding, a tale of recovery


Last thursday, Dr. Movie Star met me in a freezing cold operating room and finally took out the expanders. He replaced them with small implants. I do not know what size. Everyone is asking me how many CCs. I don’t know. I guess I’ll ask when I see him on Wednesday. The truth is, it …

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