Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 31

4 years ago my mom died of cancer


She didn’t lose her battle to cancer. Just like your uncle didn’t lose his battle to heart-disease or your cousin didn’t lose his battle to diabetes. They died OF heart-disease and diabetes. She died OF cancer. The one battle my mother lost was her fight to live to be a grandmother. Ironic, considering that she …

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Mar 25

Deflated and it feels so good

Well, kind of good.   It was a bit of a run-around (ok, a LOT of a run-around) but this morning, I saw the old plastic surgeon at 8 am and by 8:35, I was 200cc lighter than when I got there, 100cc removed on each side. He didn’t do it himself, he used this …

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Mar 23

Things that don’t go well with hot flashes

A few weeks ago, my co-worker/work-wife/daytime-BFF told me she had to cut herself out of her coat. Her zipper had become stuck and she couldn’t get out of it and she started to hyper-ventilate a bit and cut herself out of her coat. At the time, I made fun of her. I mean, it’s a …

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Mar 20

No Survivorship Plan

I just wrote a whole long post and deleted it. Let me sum it up in 10 words: I’m in pain, I’m fed up, I don’t have a surgery date. Until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Survivorship Plans. Some cancer centers have them, for patients to deal with the ‘after’ of …

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Mar 18

I’m a Pain Ninja

At least, that is what Dr. Movie Star called me today. So last week was pretty fucking crappy. It ended with a cancelled plastic surgery appointment because he got stuck in the O.R. saving someone’s arm or something… the nerve! Anyhow, he was super duper kind and called me Friday night and reassured me that …

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Mar 14

Risk Management

I hate the way my body looks now. It is riddled with scars, disfigured, mangled. I close my eyes when I walk into the bathroom, shower with my eyes shut and don’t open them until after I’ve at least put on a shirt. When I met Dr. Movie Star in January and he told me …

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Mar 13

Auction: we have dates!

Mother nature did her best last night to keep Team Outrunning the Cloud from gathering and making plans. But half the team and some of our most harden supporters (aka the wine-drinkers) did show up, and auction business was attended to. The auction will take place from May 25th to the 29th. The auction URL …

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Mar 05

It freaks me out, every time

2014-03-05 07.47.28

By now you all know my face is everywhere. I mean, EVERYwhere. I took SQ to buy a snack yesterday on the way to rehearsal, there I was, at the cash. Drop her off and drive home, oh, hey, that’s me on the corner on the giant bus stop. This morning, I attended a team …

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