Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 27

Millimeters and Milliliters


Progress is slow, but measurable. In tiny tiny increments. My hair has grown a tiny little bit and my boobs are being inflated at the rate of 50cc a week. 50 cc is just over 3 tablespoons, it’s really not a lot, yet I find it extremely uncomfortable for about 3 days, so 1 day …

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Feb 17

To your needles! To your glue guns!


  This ‘Sad Bear’ is the first official project I’m working on for this year’s OutRunning The Cloud fundraising auction. We are just about at the official 3-month mark until the auction, so I thought today would be a good day to remind all crafty-people that it might be time to start working. Not that …

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Feb 14

Hospital Love


Back in November when I ended up in the ER to diagnose a bulging disc (and not a tumour), I met one of the nicest people ever. She is a transport orderly at the hospital and she pushed me around the ER, took me to my scans and X-rays and was just over all one …

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Feb 13

N: Breastie(s)

Speaking of vocabulary, breasties, what fellow breast cancer patients call each other. Love that word, hate to have to use it. Hate it even more when I have to start using it for someone I know and care about. I have a new Breastie. Good luck my friend.

Feb 10

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Today, I finally got to see my oncologist and go through my long list of post-treatment questions. the hot-flashes are unbearable, what can I do? my legs feel like lead and all my joints hurt, what can I do? when will I start Tamoxifen? from a future detection stand-point, is there any reason not to …

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Feb 08

Missing Cancer Vocabulary

Sometimes, there are no existing words to explain what is going on. Some cancer terms people have coined are chemo-brain and Cancerland. I wrote awhile back about the fatigue I was experiencing during radiation. Fatigue was not the right word. There was no right word. Many times over the last year, I have found I …

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Feb 04

Turning Lemons into Lemon Squares

I’m not a big fan of lemonade. Lemon squares on the other hand…. So I just went to NYC for the weekend. For work, but really, for a much needed mental health break. I got to go purse shopping with Mrs. Figby and hang out with her family. I was lucky enough to be there …

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