Monthly Archive: January 2014

Jan 31

Leaving Cancerland, now visiting State of Limbo

Yesterday, fellow cancer ass-kicker and blogger Mina over at Cocktails and Chemo wrote a great post about how she feels after treatment. Stronger? Not so much. Changed? Absolutely. It’s interesting to me how so many of us are left feeling exactly the same way after treatment. I could have written that post. Just like I …

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Jan 29

A movie everyone MUST see


A few months back, I spotted a preview for a cancer documentary in my FB feed… What the F-@# is Cancer and Why does everybody have it? (as usual, I cannot figure out how to embed a video. Someone should revoke my internet licence) I preordered the movie on iTunes and waited til it became …

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Jan 28

Setting the dial to Medium

I had a goal of going back to work in January. I know some amazing people manage to keep working through treatment, for me, that wasn’t what I wanted. I am very fortunate to have the flexibility and I just walked away from my job. I also read from multiple bloggers/forum members that going back …

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Jan 24

It was a big week

So many things happened this week: it was the one year anniversary of finding out, officially, that I had cancer today is the one year anniversary of starting this blog I met with a physio/trainer that is supervising a work-out study. I am going to be doing special arm stretches and exercises for 12 weeks …

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Jan 20

Bouncing Back. Sort of. And the Auction!

Now that active treatment is over and that the holidays are behind us, I’ve been trying to get back to ‘normal’. The New Normal. I worked for 2 days last week. It was fine, but I came home and took a nap and could hardly move the next day. There were also moments while at …

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Jan 16

Let’s play ‘Where is Waldo?’ Special Cancer Edition!


A few months back, I got a call from the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer to go take some pictures for the 10th anniversary campaign. I love and support the Weekend wholeheartedly, so I agreed, even though my hair was wicked short and I was still sort of green and eyebrow-less. Then they (and by …

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Jan 13

I’ve become ‘That Girl’

I remember going to chemo over the summer and seeing ‘That Girl’. Woman really, though in a crowd of 60+ y.o., the 40 y.o.s tend to look very young. Anyhow, ‘That Girl’ was the one who’s short spiky hair was growing in, who’s face wasn’t green, who didn’t come with a friend because she clearly …

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Jan 10

Last January vs This January

Last January, I went to watch me eldest in her last school play at the old school before she switched mid-year to what turned out to be such a better fit for her. Last night, I went to watch my youngest make her debut in the school play, with the eldest sitting beside me, with …

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Jan 08

There, I fixed it


It’s a tad brighter than I wanted, but it so much better than it was before. I almost feel like I might like it.

Jan 06

Critical Decision Time


While I wait for the CT scan department to call me and tell me if I can indeed have boobs made from my saggy stomach, why don’t we address a more serious matter: What should I do with my hair??? The color is so… mousey. Like a non-color. But do I really want to start …

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