Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 08

What happens now?

In theory, I have two more radiation sessions and then I’m done. I say in theory, because it was supposed to be 30 total and this would be 29. The Resident and the Techs told me last week it would be 29, but I have not heard from the actual Radio-Oncologist, so I’m not totally …

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Dec 06

27/30 – Poison Ivy to the Rescue!


I started out really happy today. I took a selfie in the changing room, only 3 more rads session to go!   I even got on of the dark-blue gowns, the newer ones that don’t look like they have been worn through the plague in the 1800s. Then I sat in the blue waiting room …

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Dec 05

26/30 – Conversations with a nurse

Post radiation, go to the nurses station for help with my special cream. Regular radio-oncology nurse not working today. Doesn’t matter, they rotate, there is someone else. I’ve never met her before. Nurse: ‘you get daily monitoring? Really? You’re not even EXTRA crispy! Just regular-crispy. There isn’t even any puss!’ Lucky me!!!   Making conversation …

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Dec 04

25/30 – Just rip it off!

I started my day off in pjs, knitting and sipping tea. I canceled all my plans, because I have been feeling mega crappy all week. Fatigue and tired in NOT the same. When you have radiation fatigue, you can wake up from an 8 hour sleep and feel like you need a nap. I’m also …

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Dec 04

The younger much prettier me

Yesterday was a bad day. I can’t really blog about it because Dr.s still need to be Dr.s so calling one of them out on the Interwebz would be a bad idea, but let’s just say there was a ton of ugly-crying and self-pity yesterday. And then my better-half sent me a link. TECHNICALLY my …

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Dec 03

The Long Haul

Last week, when I blogged about Things to say and not say to cancer patients, my friend Amy (the one in the computer, not the one here) commented and said this: The other thing you allude to which I think is important is to stay with the person throughout all of the treatments and after. …

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