Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 30

So long, Farewell, 2013

There are so many things I could say about 2013. The year I lost my boobs and my hair. The year of chemo and radiation. The year of not working. It’s also: The year I managed to run a 5k and walk 60 kms while on chemo. The year my kids learned to do so …

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Dec 28

Almost Normal


  Yesterday, I skied for 90 minutes. The girls were so excited. So was I. I took it easy. I have nothing to prove to anyone. A couple of runs on each chairlifts with the kids, then back in before I got tired. The new skin where the burn was is VERY sensitive to the …

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Dec 23

Hiccups, bumps and other sundries

Over the weekend, I read this post about post-cancer challenges. I’ve been having a couple of milestones: I went for a mani-pedi AND a movie in the last 2 days. Yet, there are still plenty of little challenges. Here, in no particular order, are my hiccups and bumps: Post-chemo bone pain. This is very hard …

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Dec 20

It was one year ago tomorrow

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 3.13.01 PM

This is a screen-shot from a limited-list status update from Dec 21 of last year. I can honestly say that I had NO IDEA I had cancer that day. I did have a moment of ‘what if?’. But it was the holiday season, I went to work and totally put it out of my mind. …

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Dec 19

Smalls steps and the cancer lottery

Yesterday, I went to work for 4 hours. I didn’t really know where anything was, lots of the products were new to be, but I still remembered how to run the cash and wrap like a pro! 4 hours was enough though. I don’t think I could have stayed one minute longer. Then I went …

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Dec 17

Things to look forward to

Tomorrow, I will be going to work. It’s the holiday season and I own a gift store. I miss the frenzy of wrapping 22 things in 8 minutes while also helping a customer find the perfect gift and answering emails about holiday delivery. Of course, I will pace myself. I am not going in early, …

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Dec 16

Me and my big mouth

There I was, Saturday night, on the news: CTV News click here if you can’t see the video because I’m too dumb to figure out embedding Why? Why do I tell my embarrassing stories for the world to see? Because if you are up at 3 am facing a cancer diagnosis and googling, I want …

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Dec 12

Wilma Flintstone and Granny Panties


You would think with the thousands of women who have suffered through breast cancer, there would be a better way to do this…. But no, after cutting off my boobs and having chemo AND radiation, I have to suffer through this… Follow along this little illustrated tale, no worries, nothing graphic! So let’s say you …

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Dec 10

29/30 – I’ll be 29 forever!


There will be no 30. I was a model deep-breather. I am done. Here is my last morning, in pictures, because it had time to play around while waiting to be iced like a cake and wrapped like a mummie.   and then I came home and heard this was online.… a Big HUGE thank …

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Dec 09

28/30 – Going out with a bang!


Second to last radiation. Got there a little early because of the snow, so ended up chatting in the waiting room with the other patients. They are a nice bunch, the people who replaced Rusty. Pantless-men sit much straighter and don’t show you their business when their wives are with them! One of them is …

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