Monthly Archive: November 2013

Nov 30

30 posts in 30 days

I did it. It was a challenge. Some posts were really good. Some posts were just filler. It was important to me to set a goal and stick to it. I haven’t stuck to much of anything in the last 10.5 months. Of course, I have a good reason/excuse. Still. It was important to stick …

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Nov 29

22/30 a non-cancer post


Our annual family Shabbat Chanukah dinner is tonight. My kids are the only non-teenagers. Teenagers don’t really want gifts. I don’t really like to give gift cards. So I came up with a way to give them what they want and turn it into a craft project for my kids

Nov 28

21/30 Happy Thanksgivikkah!

I am a proud Canadian, and it’s very rare that I wish I was American, especially now that we have Target here. If we could just get our iTunes in order, I’d be all set. But today, I wish I was American, because how much fun would it be to celebrate Thanksgivikkah?!?!? Turkey, latkes, pumpkin …

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Nov 27

20/30 Cancer made me dumb


Today was my 20th radiation. I have been parking indoors since the 3rd day, so 17th time in the indoor, connected-to-hospital, warm parking lot. It only occurred to me TODAY that I could leave my winter coat in the car and not schlep it with me all over the hospital. Cancer; it kills brain cells. …

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Nov 26

Help me come up with things to say/do

There are 2 clear trends on this blog: I keep talking about the not-helpful things people say to cancer patients and you guys like to help and comment (we’ve had fun the last few times!). So let’s combine the two and come up with things that you could  say  to a cancer patient or do …

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Nov 25

18/30 – A Small-Milestones Day


If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I had sushi for lunch.   I had not had sushi since April. I know this is not earth-shattering news, but it was a milestones of sort for me. I also popped into work for a few hours to do the holiday window display.   This …

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Nov 24

A Bit of Cheating on a Sunday Morning

In case you missed it, I spent 8 hours in the ER yesterday. I’m fine, it hurts, but it’s stupid and fine and NOT CANCER. In my draft folder, I have several serious posts about living with cancer, but I can never seem to massage them just right. Yet while I was in the wifi/cell …

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Nov 23

My Saturday, in pictures


Long story short: bulging disk. Regular old back pain. But it was really painful since Tuesday and the radio-oncologist wanted to make sure it was nothing cancer-related. The fastest most efficient way to get a CT scan was to go through the ER, so I spent my Saturday reading and wincing. It’s all done, it’s …

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Nov 22

I’m going to miss Rusty

Rusty finished his rads yesterday. He tried to hug me, but he was not wearing pants at the time, so I mumbled something about white blood cells and just shook his hand instead. Which was not really a better idea, because he was holding his hospital gown and it slipped a little. In other inappropriate …

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Nov 21

Wonder if I taste like chicken

I sure FEEL like chicken!!! Have you ever defrosted a chicken breast in the microwave a few seconds to long? It comes out still cold in some parts, hot in others, dried out on top and crispy around the edges. THAT is exactly how external beam radiation feels. It’s cold outside these days, so I …

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