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Oct 17

‘Your heart is not exactly in the right place’

That’s a direct quote from Dr. M, the radio oncologist this morning… Mmwaaaahhhh! How seriously funny is that? The humor, it just never stops! It’s gets even better: My heart, while generally where it’s supposed to be, is a little too close to the cavity they need to zap, and they don’t want to zap …

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Oct 17


Alternative Title: How to give a Cancer Patient a 2-day Panic Attack Tuesday, 3:58 phone call from hospital Radio-Onco Appointment Giver: Hi, I need to give you an appointment for a CT scan Thursday ME: Oh, there must be a mix-up, I had it last week. I’m supposed to have markings next. ROAG: No no, …

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Oct 15

Eyebrow Superpowers

We just got back form a fun-filled, exhausting 2 1/2 day trip to NYC. My girls were super-troupers and walked and walked and walked all over the city. We saw everything they wanted to see (though MOOD was closed on the weekend). We got to have lunch with the Mrs. Figby trio and go to …

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Oct 11

Retro Friday: bad hair days

The Old SnodV

boy, you guys didn’t like being called liars! Most commenting since the inception of the blog! (probably also has to do with the fact that it’s easier to comment now….) Anyhow, lots of people are doing #throwbackthursdays on Facebook, which is totally the same thing as Retro Friday, which us blogging-hipsters were doing way back …

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Oct 10

You’ve all been lying to me

‘you look good!’ ‘you look GREAT!’ I hear it everyday. But I don’t believe any of you. What I believe is that I look good for someone in my situation. I could look a lot worse. I have had MANY conversations with A. who assures me she will tell me when I don’t look good.. …

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Oct 09

I drove around town with a bag of pee in my car

My husband is known for losing things. Phone, glasses, wallet, keys, he’s lost them all, several times. Sometimes, it’s no big deal, sometimes, it causes a big ruckus, like the time he lost his wallet between the cab and airport check-in on our way to Florida. Or the time he lost his wallet right before …

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Oct 08

It’s funny. And Mortifyingly Embarassing

You came back! thank you!! Now that I have a new URL and proper commenting and bells and whistles, let me share a story only my close friends know. I promise, it will make you laugh. It may also make you spit liquids, so put your coffee/tea/wine/hard liquor down before you proceed. However, if you …

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Oct 07

Sprucing things up after chemo

Today is my first real no-chemo Monday. And I’m celebrating by setting up new digs for the blog. When I set up the tumblr blog, I was 2 days post-diagnosis, not really able to think straight, and really not thinking long term. Tumblr was easy, quick and free, so off I went. Right away, the …

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This is what a year in treatment looks like

by now, this video had gone somewhat viral. I saw it yesterday and honestly, I think I found my cancer-soulmate. After watching Emily’s video, I read her entire blog from start to finish. So many of her posts, I could have written myself, like her feeling on Pinktober. It happened to me just yesterday. I went to the party store and was literally smacked in the face by a flying pink ribbon balloon. Then at the grocery store, I saw pink-ribbon bread and soup. ARGH!!! (if you really want to raise awareness and do actual good, you know you can already sponsor next year’s walk, right?)

After I was done reading, I actually felt better. Things have been very gloomy. There is a lot of pressure to be happy and relieved that chemo is over. There is an expectation that things are ‘back to normal’. Which they are so very much not. And finding Emily’s blog made me feel like at least someone understood, even though she had absolutely no idea I exist.

So far, the other cancer warriors/patients I have met have had little in common with me. They were either older or much younger, or had very different treatment paths. Every cancer is different. Every battle is different. But I found myself a little bit in Emily’s story. And seriously, her video kicks ass.

Oct 02

This totally cheered me up

mydaguerreotypeboyfriend: And now a submission from The Smithsonian. (Love it when these great institutions get in touch with their boyfriends of their very own!) Thought we would share our latest post with you. Is this a photo from the Civil War or an Urban Outfitters ad? Lt. George Custer and Fellow Union Troops Picnicking During the Civil …

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