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Oct 31

1/30 – The Hulk told me I was a spectacular Breath-Holder

1 of 30 - First day of Rads

My first day of radiation was also Halloween. While I checked in with the receptionist, a woman in a full Cinderella gown came to take a picture in the waiting room next to the grand piano. I waited for my turn by watching all the various technicians walk by to get halloween cake. I learned …

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Oct 30

Dude, Where’s My Car?


My cellphone is full of pictures like this. The location of my car. I have completely lost the ability to remember where I parked my car. I know it’s not an uncommon condition, but I never had this until I got chemo. Since then – NO CLUE where I parked, ever. Compounding the problem is …

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Oct 29


Holy S*$*%*%*%! This is really happening. They gave me a tentative schedule for radiation last week, but scrolled across it, in big letters, is WILL CALL TO CONFIRM. They called today. Thursday, 1 pm, I get radiated. I’ve had months to think about this, weeks to actually look into this. And you know what? I …

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Oct 27

Send me a song!

Yes, I’m about to shamelessly ask you give me a hand. At the tune of 1.29$ per person. Tune! it’s a pun!!!! Yesterday, I was seriously shaken to my core by a live version of True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. The day before, it was ROAR by Katy Perry. I won’t tell you how many …

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Oct 26

True Colors

I have been having a very emotional week. I found a lot of inspiration in that video I posted a few days ago and went through my own pictures. I was not going to point out the Photo Gallery I put up. I was just going to let it ‘be there’. I certainly wasn’t going to …

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Oct 25

Conquering One Fear


Remember when I said I would OUTRUN the cloud? As in actual running? Then things got worse and worse and I could walk long distances but I could not get my heart-rate up at all. So there has be no running. None. Zero. I honestly do not remember the last time I plugged in the …

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Oct 24

You’re gonna hear me ROAR!

My kid came home yesterday with this powerful version of Katy Perry’s Roar, which I linked to on FB. Then my friend LV suggested I needed my own theme song. Lo and behold, this morning, one of my favorite fellow cancer-ass-kickers wrote and EXCELLENT post which I highly encourage you to read. It also included …

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Oct 23

The Expandables

I have one regret. I didn’t go with my gut. I let Doctors talk me into something I didn’t want. Way back in late January, right after the formal diagnosis, I was told I needed a lumpectomy followed by radiation, as I presented as an early Stage I, 1-lump cancer. My gut feeling told me …

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Oct 21

There is no crying in baseball

My girls saw ‘A League of Their Own’ on the way to New York last week. And we have been throwing that line around a lot as a joke: there’s no crying in homework, there’s no crying in laundry, there’s no crying in cancer…. Oops, there is plenty of crying in cancer. Except that somehow, …

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Oct 18

Let me throw a party for you


It’s Friday. And on Fridays I’m going to throw you a link to my craft blog. Because I know this is not for everyone, I won’t usually have an intro, just a picture that is a link. Today though, I will walk you through it! See that? I made that, for a little party at …

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