Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 09

The calendar of doom

**warning, this post contains a lot of self-pity, aggravation and general moodiness. please do not respond with rainbows and puppy dogs, I will kick your ass. I’m serious** You see that calendar? It’s on the fridge. Every week when I come home from chemo, we scratch out the 2/3 lines for that day. We were …

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Sep 09

chemo style – bag edition

#chemostyle the inside of chemo bag

Sep 05

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

OK, seriously, can we talk about the hot flashes???? turns out nurse G was meant to discuss this with me at some point. But I have a weird situation where I had the insides of my uterus burned with a balloon (I know, TMI) so when they ask about my last cycle, I have no …

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Sep 03

Special New Year Thank Yous

it’s the eve of Rosh Hashana Eve and most of my friends are busy making apple cakes and setting fancy tables. I’m not cooking this year, having been warmly invited to join both family and friends for all festive meals. I’m not even putting up the Sukkah, which makes me very sad, but also relieves …

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Sep 02

chemo style – holiday edition

Scarf Selfie

When your labor day outfit has to take you from Synagogue to chemo…

Sep 01

(No title)

Off the needles. Perfect for chemo tomorrow

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