Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 28

Like ‘Make-a-wish’, but with wine

2 days ago, M. picked me up and we headed west, to Toronto. As a post-chemo treat, we got to go the live taping of The Social, a talk show featuring none other than my blogging idol Lainey. I’ve met Lainey before and she’s been keeping an eye on how I’m doing, so I used …

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The Evans Family

Sep 24

My first post-chemo day

Yesterday was the last chemo. I have some weeks til radiation starts, and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to go to work at least one, maybe two days a week during this time. Not one to waste time debating, and due to a scheduling fluke where super manager Dee was off today, I went …

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Sep 23

chemo style, one last time

Last chemo. Very anti-climactic as it’s not the end of treatment, just THIS treatment. But I’m dressed very much like my normal self, so there is that

Sep 21

A ‘Touchy’ Subject

I can’t feel the tips of my fingers or toes. Neuropathy is the fancy word. It comes along with Taxol. I didn’t have it, until literally this week. With one friggin week to go, and suddenly, numb. At first, it was just a couple of toes, during the big walk, no big deal really. But …

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Sep 17

Cancer and Politics

For my readers who don’t live here and may not be aware, our provincial government recently proposed a Charter of Quebec Values that would, among other things, ban the wearing of religious head gears by civil servants, including police officers, judges, health care workers and teachers. This is my response, my so-called Open Letter to …

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Sep 16

People who Chemo Together Pee Together

A funny thing happens at chemo: everyone has to pee at about the same time. What happens is that the nurses sit 5 or 6  people at the same time and get them hooked up, which takes a little while. Then they do another group of 5 or 6, and so on. We all get …

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Sep 16

chemo style, combat edition

Combat Boots and Camo Dress, ready for War

Ready for combat! Hoping the camo print and combat boots, with hidden vodka socks, will give me a bad-ass look to convince the docs I’m fit for chemo today.

Sep 12

Fun Chemo Facts – 2nd edition

4 months ago, I posted a list called Fun Chemo Facts, but I’ve learned so much more since then, I thought I’d share with you. most of it involves bodily fluids, so you have been warned. the sandwiches never change: it’s always egg salad. Bring a sandwich lukewarm spinach soup is possibly the cruelest thing …

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Sep 10

So that was a big bucket of fuck

Man, that was not a good day! For the record, it only got worst, ending in a mild panic attack at bed time…. The lovely operator at 311 told J. that I should not in fact chase my sleeping pill with a Xanax, but an Ativan would have been ok. Sadly I had none, so …

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