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Aug 31

Hairy Situation

Growing In

Hairy situation….

Aug 30

Lily – what happens when treatment is over?

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I did what any modern blogger does, I found blogs of fellow cancer-ass-kickers to inspire me. It didn’t take me long to find Boooo Cancer, You suck!. Amy is very much an ass-kicker and I enjoyed her blog. I especially enjoyed that she was ahead of me with her …

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Aug 29

“Are you F*%*%**%G kidding me?”

That is what M. said to me when she found me lying in bed #19 of the ER yesterday, about 4 hours after I drove myself there…. I had the day all planned out, I was going to start pilates. My kid forgot her water bottle on her first day of school, so I thought …

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Aug 26

Remembering the most amazing weekend ever

The last 2 days were unbelievable. Unless you are one of the 3 people who are not friends with me on FB or you are a person from the future who is reading blogs from the yesteryears on whatever technology you have, you already know most of what I’m about to say, but I need …

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Aug 21

Getting Pink-a-licious around here

I don’t do pink. I only own one pink dress, a souvenir from a trip to Rome. I certainly DONT’T do pink products that claim to support breast cancer. Because buying a pink snow brush does nothing to help breast cancer. But I do fundraise directly for the hospital. Over 7000$ so far this year, …

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Aug 20

I’m too funny and inapproprite to keep it in box

As Ive been going through cancer, there have been lots of Inapproriate Thoughts of the Day, of ITotD. So far, Facebook list have been great and we got to giggle til we pee a little. But sometimes I really wish I could share with more people. so I would like to warn you that I …

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Aug 20

(No title)

modcloth: Who can resist pink and lace? The lovely Vivid Dreamer Dress is 70% off during our Last Hurrah Sale, so don’t miss out! <3 The ModStylists I DO NOT need another dress…. it is somewhat Rosh Hashana worthy. btu seeing as we have no invites, I can’t imagine wearing this for lunch with my …

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LILY is headed to Canada!

Aug 19

chemostyle – jeans edition

#chemostyle yes, I know, I’m wearing jeans! BUT! I’m flying solo today and I needed lots of pockets! Solo, but not alone. That bracelet? My 40th bday gift from all my girlfriends. And that super cosy shawlette? Just arrived in the mail from Magda, who is now here with me in spirit today.

Aug 12

(No title)


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