Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 30

There is no short-cut

Yesterday was Taxol #4. I have to admit I was not in a good mood heading over there because the girls came home from camp the day before and this was their first morning home after 28 days. I wanted to hang around, do nothing and just soak up their stories and smiles. But instead, …

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Jul 26

Why I’m not at work

In an innocent conversation with someone the other day, the person asked me why I wasn’t working. I mean, I own the store, I can come and go as I please, in theory, I really could be at work as much or as little as I want, so why am I not working? Many reasons. …

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Jul 22

(No title)

Chemo style #anthro dress as a bday present to myself, Pretty Ballerina shoes, scarf gift from Damask & Dentelle

Jul 21

Women and wine

I keep reading these articles about women and excessive drinking and wine consumption and this is what I have to say: I HAVE CANCER! And I’m bald. And I have no boobs. So I’m totally at peace with excessive wine consumption.

Jul 18

Cancer is the pregnancy I never had

I’ve never been pregnant. My 2 fabulous daughters are adopted. Lately though, as I chronicle the daily and mundane of living through treatment, I realize this is the closest I’ve ever come to pregnancy. Allow me to explain: nausea and fatigue in the first 2 months weird food cravings: to combat the metal taste, I’ve …

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Jul 17

chemo style – fortune teller edition

Scarf + earring combo = fortune teller


Too Young to be This Old: New and Improved!

Jul 16

chia pet

Bald, Day 1

Every time I look at the top of my head, I hear ‘Chch-chch-ch- Chia!’. And I don’t think these little sprouts will grow. They are just trying, before the Taxol kills their growth cycle.

Jul 15

chemo style – only the scarf

Bald and fat, so for today’s Chemo-style, you get my new Pom-Pom trimmed scarf!

Jul 10

Hair-y days

I don’t like wearing the wig. It’s too damn hot and itchy. Isn’t that ironic, after all this time I spent agonizing over GETTING the wig in the first place? Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and it’s so friggin hot. Meanwhile, now that AC is over, some hair is starting to grow back. Tiny …

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