Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 23

One year ago today, the beeper went off

One year ago today, we shipped SQ off to camp for the first time. It was so momentous, to send off our puzzling-and-amazing child off for 2 weeks, that we invited tons of our friends to our house to take a swim and have a drink to celebrate what we thought was going to be …

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Jun 20

It’s the Unpredictability that gets me

Round 1 was OK. Round 2 was worse, but not in the way I had expected. Round 3 was The Pits, but only after giving me false hope of being ok. And now Round 4. The truth is, I didn’t have time for Round 4. I was busy. I packed up our cottage after we …

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Jun 14

chemo style – maxi edition

Round 4. Chemo-style: GAP maxi dress, wedges, stylish scarf. I will probably spend the next 7 days in my pjs, Di I’m stepping up today!


10 Things I Learned From People Who Survive Cancer

Jun 12

I’ve Got Mail!

Several nice things have come out of this nightmare. We are being helped, supported and cared for by an army of friends and acquaintances who are providing meals (I can eat, but I CANNOT stand the smell of cooking food. being in the kitchen to cook is hell), coming with me to chemo or taking …

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Jun 11

well that was weird

A lot of people have been telling me I should write a book. And I keep thinking: why would I write a book? I’ve been blogging for a dozen years, it’s all out there already! But today I was thinking about bloggers who have written books (my idol, The Bloggess for one) and it made …

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Jun 08

The S-words of Cancer

Cancer starts with C, but it should start with S, because everything else to do with cancer seems to start with S: Scabs, Scars, Stubble.  And I seem to deal with these in the shower, which also starts with S. I just took a shower. It’s a horrifying experience every time. I know what I’m going to …

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Jun 06

I have nothing to say

I keep starting posts and erasing them. Writing FB status updates and not posting them. Essentially, they all sound like this: I feel like shit. I want to do stuff but whenever I start I (pick one): get tired, get dizzy, get nauseous, forget what I was going to do. My days consist of: watching …

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Jun 02

This is what cancer looks like

Fresh scars, no hair.


My fun summer

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