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May 31

(No title)

I knit. What’s your super power? Worn with cute #jcrew pants from our last Florida trip that have never seen the light of day. Not a dress, I know, but this shirt demanded to be worn to chemo.

May 29

Cancer Humor

excerpt from an exchange with A.: Me: ‘I am bald. very bald. thus meaner.’ A: ‘Don’t make me laugh. Cancer is not funny.’ Except sometimes, you have to laugh. Like stepping into the shower on the day after your hair falls out, grabbing a razor to shave your legs and realizing there is nothing to …

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May 28

Adventures in Port-o-Cathia

It has the word ‘Port’ in it, maybe it’s a nice sunny destination? Well, it did turn into a small adventure! I know what a portocath is because my husband J had one. Should you wish to know more, read here.  Easy Peasy. Really, it’s not a big deal. So yesterday morning, my Designated Person …

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May 24

When you wish upon a blog

Dreams do come true! Port-o-cath scheduled for Monday at 11 am, at a different hospital. Someone read my blog, and spoke to someone, who spoke to someone else. An email was exchanged last night about the possibility of doing this at a different hospital if I wanted to and if I could get the paperwork …

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May 23

I might need to go DYI on this one

I need a port-o-cath. It’s a long-term IV they implant in your chest, so that you can get all your chemo meds and give the NUMEROUS blood samples without getting pricked. In theory, it should be easy to get. In practice, apparently, not so much. It is put in by a radiologist. And ‘The Guy’ that …

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May 20

I’m bald

Timing is everything. Just yesterday morning, I wrote a post about Adjustments. So far, all the alone-time was the hardest. Not one hour later, my hair started hurting. As L. said to me last night, I didn’t know hair could hurt. I guess technically it was probably my scalp. Every tiny little spot where my hair …

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May 19


By far, the biggest adjustment for me with this whole situation has been adapting to the extreme boredom and long periods of being alone. I went from working retail, talking to the public and spending 4-6 hours per day hanging out with Dee to being alone in my house from 8 am til 4:30 pm almost …

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May 17

Buy a Boob

deesbizarrebazaar: Because after all, we are fighting breast cancer here, and sometimes you just need to replace the ones you’ve lost… on your head! Great statement piece. Wonder-child in photo not included. You don’t have that kind of money. Just saying… Purchase boob hat HERE See other cancer fundraiser auction items HERE

May 17

(No title)

A chemo dress from Fluid Pudding

The #modcloth dress. Leggings a medical necessity: legs are too pale and its freezing on the chemo room!


Boooo Cancer. You suck!: Shame. On. YOU.

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