Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 31

Blind Showering

I have a giant mirror in my bathroom. But given that I have not gotten over my mental block yet, taking a shower has become a bit of a complicated thing. Why am I even writing about this? Because it’s sort of funny, and because some day, someone is going to google ‘showering after a …

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Mar 30

(No title)

Learning to love embroidery while I wait for my knitting ability to return – pillow for the auction

Mar 30

And now, I’m all swollen

it’s very one step forward, one step back right now. I felt SO GOOD after the drains came out. Too good it seems. I walked a little, drove a tiny little bit – and it bit me in the ass. I am exhausted. More tired than I’ve been all week. And the fluid that was …

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Mar 29

2 week update

it’s been 2 weeks since my double mastectomy. Things I CAN do: brush my own hair with my right hand tie it loosely but crap-ily! get dressed on my own, as long as the tank top is VERY stretchy walk outside (1.1 km today) drive – ok, i just did this today, it hurt and i …

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helping someone after a mastectomy

Mar 28

1.1 km

I walked, outside, to the chi-chi shopping street. Fresh air, sun is out. I didn’t walk fast, and I had to call to get a ride home because I was tired at the end, but the good news is I walked 1.1 m outside.

Mar 27


the part nobody tells you about, and if you are having a mastectomy, sorry, I am about to spill the secret, is that taking the drains out is PAINFUL!  While I am so so so happy to be rid of those rubber tubes, the removal process was excruciating. Fast, like 2 seconds on each side, …

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Mar 26

Milking it for all it’s worth

2 days ago, even though I didn’t want to look, I realised something was wrong. Blocked drains. To fix it, the nurse at the cancer center had to Milk the Drains….. I have dealt with my infertility. I was the one who chose to go from lumpectomy to mastectomy. but MILKING????? really, there is not …

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Mar 25

I still can’t look

It’s been 10 days. Yesterday, i had a different kind of soreness than I’ve had until now and I thought I might have a wound-infection. The only way to know would be to look for redness and feel for heat. I was able to put my hand on it and feel for heat, but I …

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Mar 22

so then my husband….

got pneumonia in both lungs. his NEW recently transplanted lungs. and now he’s in the hospital for the next 3 nights…. so when movie producers read this blog, just so you know, I am not exaggerating on bit.

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